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Instructional Focus

At Parkview School our instructional focus is to develop skills and competencies required for 21st century learning, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Through a variety of programs and opportunities, Parkview students will develop their critical thinking skills in an environment where they are expected to achieve to their potential.  Student success is supported through excellence in teaching, technology integration, and strong community support.

Literacy for the 21st century learner encompasses a broad set of skills and competencies, integrated across the Kindergarten to Grade 12 programs of study. These skills are manifested when students are engaged in authentic, relevant and meaningful learning contexts. Each student must develop competency in reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening, representing and numeracy as foundational skills for 21st century learning.

Literacy learning involves effective use of:

  • personal and social skills such as collaboration, communication, leadership and self direction.
  • digital age literacy that includes cultural competence, global awareness, accessing information from a variety of texts and effective use of technology and tools.
  • learning and thinking skills such as inquiry based learning, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, number sense, higher order thinking, meta-cognition and intellectual engagement.

The 21st century learner embraces the pluralism of the contexts in which these skills are applied.