Gr. 7 Orientation:

We will be hosting our Gr. 7 Orientation on August 25, 2014 from 9 to 11am.  The orientation will be followed by a hotdog lunch here at the school.  Students will be able to pick up their timetables as well as pay their fees, get their locks and their agendas.  ETS student bus passes will also be available for purchase.


New Gr. 8 and 9 Student Orientation:

We will be hosting our new to Parkview Gr. 8 and 9 Orientation on August 25, 2014 from 1 to 3pm.  The orientatioon will give the students another tour of the school showing them where their classrooms are located for the year.  Students will be able to pick up their timetables as well as pay their fees, get their locks and their agendas.  ETS student bus passes will also be available for purchase.


Returning Gr. 8 and 9's:

Returning gr. 8 and 9 students will be able to pick up their timetables, pay for fees, ETS bus passes, locks and agendas on August 26, 2014 between 10 and 3pm.


School Fees:

Here is the list of school fees:


  • Textbook Rental fee - $70
  • Student Council Fee - $2
  • Lock - $6.50
  • Yearbook - $35
  • Agenda - $8.25
  • Jr. High Option Courses - based on the courses taken ($0 to $120)
  • Elem. Lunch Fee - $20/month or $180 for the year
  • ETS Bus Pass - $55/month or $470 for the year



What Do You Think Of Parkview?

Please take a look at this video to see what students think about Parkview School!

Thank you Parkview!

Thank you to our Gr. 9 Pre-AP students for raising over $1500 for the Children's Stollery Hospital!!  



Inclement Weather

It’s that time of year again.  For
your information the School Board regulations state that children do not go
outside for recess when the temperature reaches –23 degrees C (-10 degrees F).  Please make sure that you send your child to school
with clothing appropriate for the weather.



Principal's Message

Thank you

July, the month we all wait expectantly for, has arrived and suddenly many of us are not sure we are ready for it. There is so much yet to be done! Although we anxiously anticipate the warm relaxing summer months ahead, for many this is a time of transition and farewell. It is a time to look back and reflect on the successes and experiences of the past year and to say thank you to those who have helped to make it a time filled with learning and excitement.

The Parkview tradition of excellence, good character and involvement is the result of the efforts of the whole community. Our thanks are extended to our School Council and the dedicated volunteers who through their efforts support both curricular and extracurricular activities. They are always ready and willing to help out whenever asked and we hope that many more parents and community members will join them next year to be part of the rewarding experience of working directly with our family.

A huge thank-you goes out to the parents whose support of their students and public education has been ongoing. Thanks also to our students whose daily laughter combined with their commitment to excellence and good character have made this year both successful and memorable.

Thank you to the staff and students for all that you do.  You help make Parkview School what it is today: a strong, vibrant community in a safe learning environment.

The entire staff of Parkview School is committed to providing each student with the tools they need to be successful in the future, in an atmosphere that is safe and welcoming. Thanks to all of them for their continued dedication.

I hope you will remember the 2013-14 school year with positive memories. Good luck and have a safe, fun-filled summer.


Mr. D. Beharry



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