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Lunch & Nutrition

Parkview School has two different lunch hours for the students -

  • Elementary lunch is from 11:36  to 12:21pm
  • Jr. High lunch hour is from 12:35 to 1:10pm


Elementary Lunch -

Parents do have the option of allowing their children to stay at school for the lunch hour.  There is a small monthly fee that is required to help cover the costs of the lunch supervisors.  The fee is $10/month, but is subject to change.  There are also options for drop-in use or yearly payment of fees.  Please contact the school office for information on these options.


Jr. High Lunch -

At Parkview School, we do not have a closed campus at lunch.  Our Jr. High students do have the option of staying in the school for lunch, or they may leave the school building during that time.  Jr. High students have the ability to access the school store, The Panther Snack Shack for different lunch options/choices.  Jr. High students also can participate in a number of lunch time clubs, aesthetic events, or use the library facilities for their studies.